A Message From Pam Fletcher
When I joined Delta on February 1, 2022, the power and passion of Delta people was palpable. Our Green Up business resource group of more than 4,300 employees was spearheading tree plantings and waterway cleanups in various Delta hub communities, while pitching solutions for reducing single-use plastics and more. Likewise, fuel efficiency programs that teams across Delta accelerated during the pandemic – from what we fly, how we fly and the fuel we use – were blossoming.
I’m excited to share this section of our ESG report because it illustrates the strong progress and momentum we collectively built throughout 2022 on our journey to reach net-zero emissions by 2050, while delivering a sustainable, elevated travel experience.
None of what we do or what needs to be done can be accomplished alone. Being part of what’s classified as a hard-to-decarbonize sector means it’s going to take all stakeholders – Delta people, partners, regulators, customers, communities, innovators, other airlines and others – doing more than our part to meet Delta’s and our industry’s ambitious goals.
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“I’m more optimistic than ever about our future because of the progress we’ve made and the foundation we’ve laid to accelerate.“
- Pam Fletcher, Chief Sustainability Officer & Corporate Innovation
By the time this is published, we will have shared broadly Delta’s go-forward sustainability strategy that is rooted in two pillars: Embedding Sustainability In Everything We Do; and Eliminating Our Climate Impact From Flying. Within these pillars, all of our work – ongoing and ahead of us – will be organized under these focus areas: the travel experience, supply chain, ground operations, efficient aircraft operations, clean fuel and revolutionary fleet. Work is already well underway in all these areas.
I’m more optimistic than ever about our future because of the progress we’ve made and the foundation we’ve laid to accelerate. All of this work is as important to our business as it is to our planet, and I’m excited about the journey because there’s no team on the planet better at blazing new trails.
Pam Fletcher
Chief Sustainability Officer & Corporate Innovation Delta Air Lines, Inc.

A few highlights include:

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Creating greater demand signals for the grossly under-supplied sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) market – SAF is the single greatest lever we have today to drastically cut aviation’s emissions, but there’s not enough supply produced annually to fuel commercial airlines globally for a single day;
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Reducing fuel consumption by over 10 million gallons in 2022 through the work of the Delta Carbon Council;
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Introducing new aircraft to our fleet and placing orders for additional aircraft that operate significantly more efficiently than aircraft they’re replacing;
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Eliminating approximately 4.9 million pounds of singleuse plastics while elevating the onboard experience with sustainable options like bamboo cutlery and canned premium beverages;
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Electrifying nearly 100% of Delta’s core fleet of ground service equipment at our hubs in Boston and Salt Lake City on our way to electrifying 50% of the entire fleet by 2025; and
Announcing partnerships with Joby Aviation to deliver a wholly new mode of emissions-free transportation, EcoVadis to bring greater transparency to environmental and social practices of vendors across Delta’s supply chain and MIT to study the generation and mitigation of persistent contrails.