Board Oversight
At the core of Delta’s governance structure is the history of a strong, independent Board of Directors composed of experienced members who are diverse with respect to background, skills, experiences, gender, race and ethnicity.
The Board is committed to sound corporate governance in line with evolving best practices. Our governance structure and practices are described in detail in our Proxy Statement for the 2023 Annual Meeting of Shareholders.

Oversight of ESG Matters

The Board of Directors understands and is committed to the importance of ESG matters and their significance to our stakeholders.
The Board includes several directors with skills and experience relevant to these topics, with targeted expertise in risk management, data security and senior leadership experience in the energy sector. The Board’s diversity with respect to gender, race and ethnicity ensures a global perspective in evaluating ESG matters. In addition, the Board has and continues to gain knowledge about evolving areas through regular briefings and discussions with internal subject matter experts. The Board of Directors also has access to external resources and education on a variety of these matters.

All independent except CEO and ALPA nominee

Not Independent


Average tenure 6.5 years

<5 years

>10 years

5-10 years

7 of 14 Directors of historically underrepresented gender, race or ethnicity

21% Female Directors

43% Ethnically diverse
  • 1 Hispanic
  • 1 Latino
  • 1 Asian
  • 3 African Americans

Oversight of ESG Risk

The Board of Directors oversees Delta’s Enterprise Risk Management program, including with respect to ESG matters. The Board discusses risks throughout the year, particularly when reviewing our operating and strategic plans and when considering specific actions for approval.
The Board manages oversight of risk through delegation to the Board’s committees with regular reporting to the entire Board.
Delta has a robust oversight framework for ESG matters at the board and management levels.