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Employee Health and Well-being

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Over the past two years, Delta has concentrated on enhancing employee well-being programs. To accomplish this task, Delta created the Global Health and Wellbeing (GHW) Division, a first in the airline industry, led by Dr. Henry Ting, a physician and former Mayo Clinic executive, as the industry’s first Chief Health Officer.
The goal of the GHW Division is to enhance the health and well-being of Delta people, creating more joy for our people, customers, communities and partners, and to be a force for good for our environment and society.
The GHW Division collaborates with other divisions throughout Delta to deliver programs that provide a holistic approach to overall well-being through four pillars: physical, emotional, social and financial.
Investing in the total well-being of our people is a win-win. Our employees are better supported and able to thrive—benefitting themselves, their loved ones and their communities. Our customers enjoy exceptional experiences and service. All of this builds greater affinity for the Delta brand.
Dr. Henry Ting
Chief Health Officer

Recent Developments

In support of this mission, Delta offers many health and well-being resources at no cost to employees, such as Onduo for diabetes management, Resources for Living, and Ginger, a mental and emotional wellness app. In addition, Delta provides access to voluntary, incentive-based reward programs around health and well-being.
In 2021 Delta enhanced our health care offerings, introducing a co-pay plan with lower deductibles and fixed costs in support of Delta’s diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. This new co-pay plan is designed to allow employees to better understand care and predict costs.
In 2022, we began measuring employee total well-being through the Flourishing Index to guide equitable, effective enhancements to programs.

Delta Wellbeing Pillars and Aspirations

Global Health and Wellbeing Mission We’re with you on the journey of your lifetime.
bodily health
Reduce health disparities
Improve health outcome through better care, better experience and lower costs
mental health and resilience
Improve emotional health through coping behaviors and accessible high value care
a sense of belonging and social equity
Create a sense of belonging
Increase equity of participation in health and well-being programs
ability to provide for immediate needs as well as future needs (retirement)
Enable Delta people to be financially secure and confident about building towards financial freedom

Providing Access to COVID-19 Vaccines

Early in 2021 as vaccinations became available, Delta prioritized vaccine access and education. Delta has provided free, accessible and plentiful health and safety resources for our employees throughout the pandemic.
During the pandemic, Delta provided one million free COVID-19 tests, provided paid time away from work for employees exposed to COVID-19, hosted vaccine clinics for Delta employees and members of the community, and provided vaccination incentives. Delta also required vaccination for all new employees starting in May 2021.
By the end of 2021, Delta had a 95% domestic employee vaccination rate, including those with approved/pending exemptions.
Delta ranks No. 4 overall for the 2021 Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America by the health analytics platform Springbuk.