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Employee Safety
The safety of our employees in delivering operations is an enterprise-wide responsibility and is deeply embedded in our culture.
We empower our employees to slow down or stop any operation if they feel it is necessary to maintain a safe work environment for our personnel and a safe travel experience for our customers. We operate several cross-divisional and division-specific employee safety programs that help to achieve our safety objectives. These programs are critical to preventing serious injuries by proactively approaching and encouraging safety dialogue across the company. We have regular safety time-out reminders and exercises across our entire operation.
In 2022, Delta hired a record number of new full-time employees, approximately 25,000, to support the rising demand for post-pandemic travel. To successfully integrate this significant influx of new employees, investments were made to adapt and improve our many safety training and management programs and to account for the rise in travel demand.

Safety Through Global Cleanliness

As travel continues to pick up, cleanliness remains a fundamental element of Delta brand expectations. We are committed to delivering a world-class customer experience through the Delta CareStandard, our science-backed approach to health and safety. Global Cleanliness supports the Delta Brand Promise, as we move forward on our commitment to clean travel experiences.
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The Delta CareStandard℠ organizes a team of Clean Ambassadors dedicated to overseeing consistent cleaning quality by Delta employees, cabin service cleaners and janitorial partners.
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Delta partners with Lysol® Pro Solutions and the PURELL® brand to implement science-backed cleaning technologies and protocols designed to ensure surfaces have been disinfected using methods approved by trusted experts.
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Delta continues to use air filtration systems on jet bridges and focuses on air quality onboard through continuous filtering and refreshing cabin air.
Our Clean Ambassadors domestically serve 40 airports as cleanliness champions. These champions support cleaning team members across our areas and aircraft, ensuring we follow end-to-end cleanliness protocols and provide customers with a first-class Delta experience. We use trusted partnerships and a commitment to continuous improvement to prioritize health and wellness.