Engagement is an Important Lever of Influence
Ultimately, we continue to believe our participation in diverse and multi-sector industry organizations, given our ambitious climate goals, helps positively influence the development and execution of climate policy positions and advocacy efforts. Participation in industry trade associations facilitates the identification, assessment and mitigation of risks and maximization of opportunities associated with emerging policy issues through constructive internal engagement and external advocacy, as appropriate.
With the continued utilization of our climate policy principles, we are sharing our expectations for climate advocacy with our trade associations and other stakeholders. While we do not always agree with the views or tactics of these trade associations, we believe they provide a valuable opportunity to understand the perspectives of various industry participants as we develop and evolve our advocacy strategy. We are committed to engaging in the collaborative problem-solving process and to working with our industry peers and other organizations in these political frameworks. Where we disagree with one or more of these trade associations on a matter tied to our strategy, we have in the past taken, and may in the future take, independent actions to mitigate any risks an association’s actions may present to our strategy.
As the aviation and fossil fuel industries transition toward more sustainable climate solutions, Delta continues to evaluate operational pathways for integrating Monroe into a net-zero future – which includes RFS reform – and plans to continue to evaluate trade association climate policy positions while advancing opportunities to drive constructive change toward the advancement of our climate goals.


Delta appreciates that many factors surrounding our ambitious climate goals are outside our control and will require significant capital investment, government policies and incentives, dedicated research and development and the transformation of some of the world’s largest industries. As highlighted in this section, one critical component of the advancement and ultimate achievement of our climate goals is effective public policy engagement, including direct and indirect lobbying activities. Delta remains committed to being a voice of leadership on climate policy issues, including through trade associations.