Engaging Stakeholders, Building Coalitions and Driving Policy Development
We recognize many factors surrounding our climate goals are outside our control and will require significant capital investment, government policies and incentives, dedicated research and development and transformation of some of the world’s largest industries. Two critical components of advancing and achieving our climate goals are effective public policy engagement and stakeholder engagement across sectors within and outside the aviation industry to bring cost-effective solutions under all levers to scale.
We have joined coalitions and partnerships centered around guiding ambitions. We describe a selection of those partnerships and coalitions here. Our team is advancing other important initiatives through the FAA’s NextGen Advisory Committee, providing advice and recommendations to the FAA related to air traffic management and system modernization.

Accelerating the Development of Sustainable Aviation Fuel Markets

Clean Skies for Tomorrow
This coalition provides a crucial global mechanism for top executives and public leaders across and beyond the aviation value chain to align on a transition to SAF. Delta served on the steering committee and actively contributed to working groups.
First Movers Coalition
We are a founding member of this public-private partnership and purchasing platform, facilitated by the Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry and the World Economic Forum, to accelerate and scale the development of breakthrough technologies and fuels through market-forcing strategies, helping hard-to-abate sectors, like aviation, reduce GHG emissions.

Engaging Stakeholders


Technological Innovation in Fleet

Hydrogen Fuel with Airbus
We are working with Airbus to advance collective knowledge in the industry on the opportunities and challenges associated with using hydrogen fuel to power planes. We bring to the partnership the collective expertise and wisdom from our industry-leading teams: Flight Operations, Technical Operations, Airport Customer Service, Operations and Customer Center and Fuel.

Supporting Fundamental Research and Development

Contrails Research
We are collaborating with MIT on research regarding the generation and potential elimination of persistent contrails. This research will be publicly released under an open-source license, enabling the industry to learn from this collaboration.