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Engaging Stakeholders, Building Coalitions and Driving Policy Development

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Delta realizes that many factors surrounding our climate goals are outside our control and will require significant capital investment, government policies and incentives, dedicated research and development and the transformation of some of the world’s largest industries.
Two critical components of the advancement and ultimate achievement of our climate goals are effective public policy engagement and stakeholder engagement across sectors within and outside the aviation industry to bring cost-effective solutions under all levers to scale.
Delta has joined coalitions and partnerships centered around guiding ambitions, a selection of which are described here. Other important initiatives, such as those being advanced through the NextGen Advisory Committee, are described elsewhere in this section.

Accelerating the Development of Sustainable Aviation Fuel Markets

Clean Skies for Tomorrow
This coalition works to provide a crucial global mechanism for top executives and public leaders, across and beyond the aviation value chain, to align on a transition to sustainable aviation fuels. Delta serves on the steering committee and is an active contributor to working groups.
First Movers Coalition
Delta is a founding member of this public-private partnership and purchasing platform, facilitated by the Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry and the World Economic Forum, to accelerate and scale the development of breakthrough technologies and fuels through market forcing strategies, helping hard-to-abate sectors, like aviation, reduce GHG emissions.

Technological Innovation in Fleet

Hydrogen Fuel with Airbus
Delta and Airbus are working together to advance collective knowledge in the industry on the opportunities and challenges associated with using hydrogen fuel to power planes. Delta brings to the partnership the collective expertise and wisdom from its industry leading teams: Flight Operations, Technical Operations, Airport Customer Service, Operations and Customer Center, and Fuel.
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Pam Fletcher, Delta’s Chief Sustainability Officer
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To pull the future of sustainable aviation forward, we need partnerships and coalitions in order to accelerate the development and commercialization of potentially disruptive technologies.
Pam Fletcher
Delta’s Chief Sustainability Officer

Delta believes climate policy for the aviation industry should be:

Reflective of the globalized nature of the industry: Delta supports coordinated national and international efforts, such as those of ICAO, to set standards and ensure international harmonization of efforts to regulate aviation carbon emissions
Grounded in science to ensure GHG emissions reductions are maximized and realized in a manner designed to minimize increased costs for travelers
Designed to incentivize rather than mandate a zero-carbon trajectory at the lowest-cost (e.g., tax incentives, grants, and R&D investment) in order to commercialize the nascent SAF industry and support the breakthrough technologies needed to decarbonize our sector until a scalable market is achieved that can compete on a level playing field with traditional fossil fuels and the biodiesel and renewable diesel markets
You can learn more about Delta’s engagements and our guiding principles on climate policy in our Climate Lobbying Report.