Our ‘Close The Gap’ Strategy
Our Close the Gap report builds off commitments made in 2020 to accelerate the closure of diversity representation gaps between the frontline and leadership.
Our focus is on the three areas where the gaps between frontline and scale representation and leadership are the largest: women, Black talent and other underrepresented racial and ethnic groups. We intend to direct our efforts to other diversity areas, though we have found that these three are the most underrepresented and contain the most significant gaps.
In 2022, we made meaningful progress toward this goal by increasing the percentage of Black officers and director-level employees to 8.5% from 5.8% in 2020. Additional work remains to provide equitable internal and external career pathways to senior leadership roles.

Close the Gap Progress

1 As of December 31, 2022 based on self-identification. 2 The demographics present in UREG: Asian, Latin/Hispanic, Native American, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander and Two or More races/ethnicities.