Political Activity and Policy Engagement
Delta is committed to being a positive voice on public policy issues that impact not only the airline industry but also our customers, our people and the communities we serve.
We care about a wide range of issues, including fair trade, competition policy, safety and security, human rights, workforce development, energy and the environment and climate change policy. Managing our overarching advocacy and regulatory compliance activities is the responsibility of our EVP – External Affairs in conjunction with our SVP – Government Affairs and our VP – State and Local Government Affairs. The DLC is aware of our policy priorities and activities, and the Corporate Governance Committee of the Board also receives formal reports on our political activities.
We actively lobby, directly and indirectly, to influence the development of international, federal, state and local public policies. We issue a Political Contributions and Activity Report annually and, for the second year, provide an overview of climate lobbying activities.

Business Ethics

Our core values reflected in the Rules of the Road are the basis for the Delta Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. This code of conduct provides our business partners and our team with our standards of business conduct and key compliance policies that apply to our interactions with each other as employees, customers and business partners around the world. We provide training to all employees on these values. All Delta employees must read, understand and follow Delta’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, as well as report suspected violations, which allows us to address issues as they arise.
Our Ethics and Compliance team helps uphold our values by:
Performing risk assessments
Establishing policies, procedures, training and communications aimed at mitigating compliance risks
Investigating potential violations of legal or regulatory compliance requirements or Delta policies
Reporting to the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors on organizational compliance program risks, achievements and developments
Delta employees and third parties may report violations or suspected violations to their manager, Human Resources, the Ethics and Compliance department or through the Safety, Ethics and Compliance HelpLine, which is available online or by telephone. Reports to the HelpLine are answered discreetly and confidentially by an independent company. As applicable, we investigate and implement corrective actions in accordance with local laws and Delta policy, utilize our established investigation protocol and regularly report an overview of misconduct to senior leadership and to the Audit Committee of the Board. Delta does not tolerate retaliation of any kind for filing a report.