Progress in Our Supply Chain

Expanding ESG Standards for Suppliers

Our focus on creating a world-class supply chain includes sustainable sourcing and furthers a significant long-term commitment to ethical and responsible procurement practices.
We utilize EcoVadis, a sustainability ratings platform for global supply chains, to evaluate ESG matters in our supply chain. We work collaboratively with suppliers to complete the EcoVadis assessment, obtain clear results through actionable scorecards and develop corrective action plans when needed across areas such as environment, human rights and sustainable procurement. A total of 256 suppliers have been assessed, including 107 of our top 200, surpassing our 2022 goal.
Delta is committed to working with suppliers that adhere to responsible labor practices. The company evaluates vendors to ensure compliance with Delta’s Supplier Code of Conduct.
Goal Update
Over half of Delta’s Top 200 suppliers completed the EcoVadis assessment
Scope 3 Emissions
In 2022, we expanded our Scope 3 inventory to include our purchased goods and services, capital goods and upstream transportation and distribution (Categories 1, 2 and 4 respectively), to help establish a baseline for our supply chain emissions and facilitate our long-term emissions reduction efforts. As our sustainability journey continues, we will explore opportunities to attribute emissions more accurately and precisely to the types of products and suppliers we use and plan to partner with suppliers to refine and reduce our supply chain emissions.
Product Highlight
Customers will now sip best-in-class tea sourced from around the globe in partnership with purpose-driven and Certified B Corporation Thrive Farmers. Customers in all cabins will enjoy bright English Breakfast tea. Delta One customers may also opt to sample soothing Guizhou Green, floral Egyptian Chamomile, calming Pacific Peppermint or malty Earl Grey.
The production of teas benefits thousands of Thrive Farmers’ independent growers in Rwanda, India, China, Egypt and the United States. Thrive Farmers’ innovative farmer direct model gives farmers a true stake in the sale of their produce. The reliable and consistent income allows farmers to produce better quality products, invest in their communities and improve environmental practices.