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Delta is committed to providing safe and clean transport for customers and a safe workplace for employees.
At Delta, we realize the opportunity to leverage our brand’s trust to drive good vendor practices, touching every aspect of our business.
Delta’s mission to connect the world includes our commitment to being a strong partner to the communities where our employees live, work and serve
Delta has remained steadfast in our commitment to address climate change
Our people are our strongest competitive advantage, and the high-quality service they provide sets us apart.
Delta has implemented a robust governance framework over ESG matters at the board and management levels.
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Safety Management System

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Safety is our number one priority. Providing a safe, secure operation is our fundamental commitment to our customers, our colleagues and the communities we are privileged to serve.
It is part of our culture and a core value that links our global workforce with our customers. Delta is committed to providing safe and clean transport for customers and a safe workplace for employees.

Delta maintains an FAA-approved safety management system (SMS) to monitor, identify and address occupational and operational safety issues. The SMS is a comprehensive, process-oriented approach to managing safety through a framework that includes an organization-wide safety policy; formal methods for proactively identifying, assessing and controlling risks; systems for monitoring safety performance; and promotion of a safety culture.

Flight Safety

We have positioned Delta as a leader in flight safety standards through actions taken within Delta and through engagement with leadership across numerous industry-wide safety organizations, programs and initiatives that promote awareness and implementation of flight safety standards. Operating a safe and reliable airline is foundational to our success.
We are proud to have safely transported more than 135 million customers in 2021
We are proud to have safely transported more than 135 million customers in 2021, and due in significant part to the reliability demonstrated daily through the unwavering commitment of our flight attendants, pilots and ground agents, we have been named the Top U.S. Airline of 2021 by the Wall Street Journal in its annual airline scorecard rankings.

Advocating for Safety Amidst Growing In-flight Misconduct

As the pandemic persisted through 2021, the airline industry continued to experience an unprecedented increase in unruly passengers, growing nearly 100% since 2019, threatening the safety of airline crews and other passengers. As demand for travel increases, it is critical for Delta and the broader airline industry to have all the tools available to mitigate in-flight misconduct and maintain safe flight experiences for our customers.
We are doing our part to find industry-wide solutions, including maintaining our own no-fly list and encouraging other airlines to share theirs. In addition, Delta CEO Ed Bastian has called for a national, comprehensive no-fly list of unruly passengers to ban individuals convicted of onboard offenses from flying. Delta supports the recently introduced bipartisan legislation, that if passed, would create and manage a program that, among other things, bars passengers who are fined for onboard security violations or convicted of onboard assaults.
Delta has also expanded de-escalation and self-defense training for flight attendants and other frontline employees and partnered with law enforcement to increase security at dozens of airports to better protect our passengers and crew.

Safety programs in which Delta serves as an active participant, leader or member:

FAA’s Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing (ASIAS) system
Flight Safety Foundation
Commercial Aviation Safety Team (CAST)
National Safety Council (NSC)
International Society of Air Safety Investigators (ISASI)
Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) – Confidential Employee Safety Reporting
Flight Operational Quality Assurance (FOQA) Program – Flight Data Monitoring

Prioritizing Safety During 5G Rollout

Delta is playing an active role in resolving safety issues raised by the deployment of 5G broadband service across the U.S., which began in early 2022. Some 5G services use spectrum immediately adjacent to that used by aircraft altimeters, creating the potential for interference with a critical aircraft navigational aid. Delta has joined other airlines in working with FAA and other stakeholders to effectively prevent substantial operational impacts around airports.

Delta is transitioning to a fully Wi-Fi enabled fleet that collects data in real-time.

This transition will allow Delta to obtain data from the aircraft and put it into the pilots’ hands more quickly, empowering them to make better informed decisions for the safety of customers and crew.