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Delta is committed to providing safe and clean transport for customers and a safe workplace for employees.
At Delta, we realize the opportunity to leverage our brand’s trust to drive good vendor practices, touching every aspect of our business.
Delta’s mission to connect the world includes our commitment to being a strong partner to the communities where our employees live, work and serve
Delta has remained steadfast in our commitment to address climate change
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Delta has implemented a robust governance framework over ESG matters at the board and management levels.
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Safety through Global Cleanliness

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Throughout 2021, Delta remained focused on ensuring the health and well-being of both passengers and crew and continued to deliver a best-in-class experience through the Delta CareStandardSM.
Delta expanded the Delta CareStandardSM by utilizing science-backed cleaning technologies and protocols and created a dedicated team of Clean Ambassadors who help to ensure that cleaning procedures are performed on a consistent basis by Delta team members, cabin service cleaners and our janitorial partners.
Delta earned the Lysol® Pro Solutions certification, which validates that Delta’s protocols for disinfecting surfaces have been thoroughly reviewed and approved by trusted experts at Lysol® Pro Solutions.
Delta continues to focus on air quality onboard by continually filtering and refreshing cabin air.
All mainline fleet types (with the exception of our B717s, which use 100% fresh outside air) use HEPA filters to extract more than 99% of fine particles that can carry airborne viruses, including COVID-19, and have proven performance similar to that of hospital room filtration. The filters are changed twice as often, and the air is circulated in the cabin every 2-6 minutes and is mixed with fresh outside air. While boarding and deplaning, MERV14 filters are used in the air filtration systems for many Delta jet bridges, which can reduce air particles by up to 40 percent.
Cabin service agent inspects empty airplane
Even as customer volumes rapidly rose through the year, we continued to perform above pre-COVID levels achieving an average domestic Net Promoter Score of 57.3, an increase of 9.5 points over 2019.