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At Delta, we realize the opportunity to leverage our brand’s trust to drive good vendor practices, touching every aspect of our business.
Delta’s mission to connect the world includes our commitment to being a strong partner to the communities where our employees live, work and serve
Delta has remained steadfast in our commitment to address climate change
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Delta has implemented a robust governance framework over ESG matters at the board and management levels.
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Board-level Oversight

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Delta has implemented a robust governance framework over ESG matters at the board and management levels.
Delta has a history of a strong, independent Board of Directors, composed of experienced members who are diverse with respect to background, skills, experiences, gender, race and ethnicity.
The Board is committed to sound corporate governance in line with evolving best practices. The Board of Directors understands and appreciates the importance of ESG matters as well as their significance to our various stakeholders.
The Board includes several directors with skills and experience relevant to these topics. In addition, the Board has, and continues to gain, knowledge about these evolving areas through, among other things, regular briefings and discussions with internal subject matter experts. The Board also has external resources and access to education on a variety of these matters.
The Board of Directors has ultimate responsibility to oversee Delta’s ERM program, including with respect to ESG matters. The Board discusses risk throughout the year, particularly when reviewing operating and strategic plans and when considering specific actions for approval.
The Board’s oversight of risk is managed through delegation to the Board's committees with regular reporting to the full Board. In early 2022, the Board reviewed and, as appropriate, updated the allocation of oversight responsibilities for various ESG matters, including through revision of Board committee charters.



All independent except CEO and ALPA nominee


5-10 years
>10 years
<5 years

Average Tenure
5.9 years


36% racially or ethnically diverse directors
  • 1 Hispanic
  • 1 Latino
  • 3 African Americans
21% women directors

6 of 14 Directors are diverse by race, gender and/or ethnicity

As is discussed in greater detail in Delta’s 2022 proxy statement, oversight over ESG matters aligns with the general responsibilities of those committees as follows:

Audit Committee

  • oversees compliance with procedures and processes pertaining to corporate ethics and standards of conduct, including regular review of reports on adherence to these standards
  • reviews ERM processes and discusses major risk exposures with management
  • reviews cybersecurity risks and the security and operations of our information technology systems
  • oversees the reporting of environmental and social matters in our SEC filings

Personnel & Compensation Committee

Corporate Governance Committee

  • leads the Board’s governance practices and procedures
  • oversees our environmental sustainability strategy, goal setting, opportunities and risks, and efforts and progress with respect to these matters
  • reviews reports on our corporate and PAC political contributions and charitable contributions made by Delta or The Delta Foundation
  • reviews management succession plans and the company leader and talent planning process
  • oversees policies and strategies relating to talent development and human capital management, including diversity, equity and inclusion and employee well-being

Safety & Security Committee

  • oversees and consults with management on our customer, employee and aircraft operating safety, security and public health goals, performance and initiatives
  • reviews current and proposed safety and security-related programs, policies and compliance matters
  • reviews reports and matters that may have a material effect on our flight safety operations, security and public health matters

Finance Committee

  • oversees significant investments, including acquisition of new, more fuel-efficient aircraft and significant investments in new technologies

Governance Structure

Our Board committees are regularly engaged with respect to ESG matters. For instance, in 2021, our Corporate Governance Committee received briefings on climate-related issues at three of its five meetings. For additional information regarding our board governance practices, see our 2022 Proxy Statement.