Board Committee Roles
As is discussed in greater detail in Delta’s 2023 Proxy Statement, oversight of ESG matters aligns with the general responsibilities of Delta’s Board committees as follows:

Audit Committee

  • Oversees compliance with procedures and processes pertaining to corporate ethics and standards of conduct, including regular review of reports on adherence to these standards
  • Reviews ERM processes and discusses major risk exposures with management
  • Reviews cybersecurity risks and the security and operations of our information technology systems
  • Oversees the reporting of environmental and social matters in our SEC filings

Corporate Governance Committee

  • Leads the Board’s governance practices and procedures, including the search for and recruiting of new outside directors and consideration of nominees for the Board
  • Oversees our environmental sustainability strategy, goal setting, opportunities and risks and efforts and progress with respect to these matters
  • Reviews reports on our corporate and PAC political contributions and charitable contributions made by Delta or The Delta Foundation

Personnel & Compensation Committee

  • Reviews management succession plans and the company leader and talent planning process
  • Oversees policies and strategies relating to talent development and human capital management, including diversity, equity
  • and inclusion and employee wellbeing

Safety & Security Committee

  • Oversees and consults with management on our customer, employee and aircraft operating safety and security goals, performance and initiatives
  • Reviews current and proposed safety and security-related programs, policies and compliance matters
  • Reviews reports and matters that may have a material effect on our flight safety operations and security matters
  • Reviews matters related to public health that have an impact on our operations

Finance Committee

  • Reviews and approves or recommends to the Board commitments, capital expenditures and financing transactions, including acquisition of new, more fuel-efficient aircraft and significant investments in new technologies
Delta Leadership Committee
Executive-Level Councils
Cross-Functional Working Groups
Our Board committees regularly engage with respect to ESG matters. In 2022, our Corporate Governance Committee received briefings on environmental sustainability issues at four of its five meetings. For additional information regarding our board governance practices, see our 2023 Proxy Statement.