Recent Developments
In support of this mission, Delta offers many health and wellness resources to employees such as diabetes management and a mental and emotional health app.
These programs are voluntary, incentive-based reward programs focused on supporting our employees to improve their overall wellness.
In 2022, we began measuring total employee well-being through the Flourishing Index to guide equitable, effective program enhancements. Our wellness team uses key insights from the Flourishing Index to shape the program’s approach, producing the benefits listed in this section.
The Flourishing Index involves a 12-question survey developed by researchers at Harvard University. It provides baseline data on how our people are doing in areas spanning mental and physical health, close social relationships and financial and material stability. Additional one-on-one qualitative interviews contextualize insights by providing real-world examples and perspectives.
“Wellness is a personal journey – whether that means finding mindful moments throughout the day, a sense of balance with work and home, or personalized health benefits to support all of life’s difficult moments. Delta takes a holistic approach to health and wellness to empower our employees’ well-being, no matter their starting point.
Delta Wellness has a broad impact that reaches far beyond our 90,000+ person workforce. We believe that when our people thrive, our customers, their families and the communities we serve do, too. In 2022 alone, with our alliance partners, we served as many as 177 million customers in over 800 destinations in over 130 countries. This gives us incredible reach.”
- Dr. Henry Ting, Chief Health and Wellness Officer
Our Delta Wellness program has expanded to offer:
12 free mental health counseling sessions per issue per year through Delta’s employee assistance program
Family planning benefits, such as fertility, adoption and surrogacy assistance
Expanded financial education and coaching programs incentivized by Delta contributions to employee emergency savings accounts
A healthcare concierge service to navigate the complex healthcare system
A co-pay option under Delta medical benefits that provides more predictable costs