Employee Health and Wellness
Delta Wellness aims to enhance our people’s health and wellness by creating more positive outcomes for our employees, customers, communities and partners and becoming a force for good for our environment and society.
The initiative is a combined effort across our organization to deliver programs that provide a holistic approach to overall wellness through physical, emotional, social and financial pillars.
Over the past two years, we enhanced our employee health and wellness program, which is unique to the industry. Dr. Henry Ting, a physician and former Mayo Clinic executive, leads this program as the industry’s first Chief Health and Wellness Officer elevating wellness for all employees.
Our talent, ingenuity and resilience are what make us unstoppable. In 2022, Delta made the most significant changes to our wellness offerings in recent history, focusing on areas from mental health to financial literacy. To inform these changes, our human resources and wellness teams diligently gathered valuable feedback through our employee engagement surveys and countless conversations with our people.
We stand by our employees during the highs and the lows. We believe all moments matter – from exciting life–changing moments like starting a family to stressful moments like an unexpected illness. Everyone has different needs, and we anticipate those needs with an equity lens focused on our diverse employees.

Delta Wellness Mission

We are with you on the journey of your lifetime.

Delta Wellness Areas of Focus

Insights and Innovation
Data-driven insights from listening to our people to inform our investments
Global benefits
Transform employer-led health care with best-in-class benefit design
CLinical care
Help our people find timely access to medical & mental health care with the highest quality & experience
Live well
Transform the first mile of health & enable our people to live well, work well & travel well